Toddler | Little Minds Montessori Academy


The Toddler program at Little Minds Montessori Academy is carefully structured to allow each child to grow at his or her own pace.

The toddler classroom offers children eighteen months through 2 1/2 years of age a unique beginning of self-development immersed in a warm atmosphere of special understanding, respect, and support. Our teachers are trained and experienced to cater to the social, physical, emotional, developmental and psychological needs of each child.

The world of a Toddler is a very magical world in which every activity is an adventure in learning. During this period, absorbing like a sponge, the child develops skills impressions from his or her environment, and then gradually improves those skills to become a more self conscious learner.

Our experienced teachers continuously seek to recognize the individual personality differences while nurturing and assisting in the development of the individual child’s potential and in directing natural talents.

Simple songs, nursery rhymes, interaction with other children and teachers, help the child build his or her verbal skills, whilst the use of crayons, paintbrushes, markers, picking up toys and moving blocks aid in the development of their motor skills.

Our Toddler program follows the Montessori philosophy that encourages vocabulary development, independence, and self-confidence for each child.

All activities are appropriately designed to meet the development stages and sensitive periods of the Toddler.

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