Testimonials | Little Minds Montessori Academy


Love, Love, Love This School!!! My daughter is enrolled here and has been attending for a few weeks now. I love the staff and my daughter loves going to school! They are all so helpful and understanding of my daughter’s needs. They even give me advice on how to keep things moving smooth at home too. If you are looking for a daycare, nursery, preschool, or kindergarten I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place!!!

Katherine Gillis

I just would like to take a little bit of time to address how I feel about Ms. Nayomi and Little Minds Montessori. My son Dane has been attending there for over 16 months. We are in the process of moving from Capistrano Beach to Laguna Hills in which I figured I would begin to look for preschools to accommodate Dane so he could be more closer to our area and soon to be new community. I have researched for over two weeks every day and still continue my search. I made phone calls, took tours, spoke with and met with school directors and teachers. I also went over with the licensing agency anything I needed to know about the school in regards to complaints or incidences.
Let me just say I really had no idea how good I had it! Many of the schools were not clean. The teachers did not much interact with the children on a personal level. It didn’t seem friendly, yet firm, loving or warm. Why are they teachers? In some of the schools, the teachers would be speaking Spanish mixed in with English. I am all about learning a second language, yet I feel had this been a Spanish class, then this would have been ok.
Many of the directors were very nice, yet there were a few who actually didn’t seem to know what was going on in regards to “their kids.” Ms. Nayomi knows all of her children at Little Minds personally. She often greets them (and the parents) with a cheery hello and hugs. She knows personal things about them because she gets involved. She is very,very aware of everything! Nayomi is always busy either cleaning, talking with parents or kids, or finding some awesome activity for the kids to do. I have also on many an occasion watched her interact alongside with the teachers and helping with the children. She always looks professional, classy and represents leadership in my perception.
Last night we attended the Halloween carnival. I actually was pleasantly surprised how great it turned out! There was so much hard work put in and it showed. Nayomi is not afraid to ask for help and you want to help her, because her energy is so contagious!
My husband and I debated if we were going to make the drive back and forth to keep Dane in Little Minds. We are still indecisive because of what we see out in our area. We both feel the drive would be time consuming in reference to our jobs and very inconvenient, yet we will do what we feel is best for Dane. He comes home happy every day and has voiced how much he loves his school. The teachers and Ms. Nayomi are why he feels like he does.
I normally would not take such time in writing so much, but I feel credit is due. Thank you, Ms. Nayomi,for the outstanding job you do for my son and the kids at Little Minds.
We are truly grateful and appreciative.

Rick and Shay Whited

We’re very happy that our son is attending pre-k at Little Minds Montessori because we know that Ms. Nayomi, Ms. Priyanka, and Ms. Gionna sincerely care about the personal and academic growth of the children in their care.

The main reason that we chose Little Minds Montessori is because of Ms. Nayomi. We have known Ms. Nayomi when she was teaching our oldest son when he was in pre-k at another school. He was well prepared and advanced when he enrolled into kindergarten in the Tustin School District. When it was time for our youngest son to enroll for pre-k, we sought out the same day care only to find that Ms. Nayomi was no longer there and instead had begun her own school. We were able to track her down and didn’t even consider any other daycare where we live in Irvine. We would not drive all the way from Irvine if we didn’t feel our son would be getting the best education and care to prepare him for his formal academics.

We’re very happy with the school not only because of the teaching and care from everyone in the school, but also that our son is very happy with the school, and really, the happiness of our son is what matters most to us.

The Bernabe Family

My husband and I searched for two months before finding a school that we felt comfortable with. After meeting the teachers and learning about the day to day curriculum at Little Minds we knew it was exactly what we wanted. It is a very safe and caring environment where the children are encouraged to explore their surroundings.

Our children have learned so much since they started attending Little Minds, they’re beginning to teach me things on the ride home. Our 3 yr olds favorite part about school is all of the new songs he has learned and the “really cool” playground. Our 4 yr old always looks forward to computer time and face painting day. All of the teachers at Little Minds are very in tune with each child and they have a wonderful way of making each of them feel important. Our children love Little Minds and we love the comfort of knowing that they are being cared for above and beyond our expectations.

Faith and Kyle Krest

My son Max who turned 4 in August has been attending Little Minds Montessori School since Sept. of 2010. Max has always been very eager and willing to learn. since he’s been a student in the Montessori program. Its remarkable how much progress he’s made in such a short time, Max has displayed so much appreciation for his abc’s, numbers, cultures, art, and the seasons of the year. He loves his teachers and recollects on their words throughout out the day, words that are very inspiring to him.

Monica Parra

We have been going here for three years now and have been very pleased with the progress. From being shy and timid to confident and caring for others, our little one has thrived at Little Minds Montessori. I have noticed he has a greater interest in the arts and music which will enhance his future in education and throughout life. I believe he is getting a great educational foundation in this well rounded approach to learning. The environment fosters curiosity and acceptance of all levels and abilities. The staff is caring for the children, patient and diligent about teaching them life lessons as well as the required material. I highly recommend Little Minds.


Our son started attending Little Minds Montessori in late December and it has been nothing but a blessing. The staff is so kind, open, caring, and patient. Before he was at Little Minds he would cry at the mention of going to school, but since attending LMMA he is the one dragging us out the door to go to school! His development has come so far since December and we have the amazing teachers and staff to thank at Little Minds! We would highly recommend this school to any parent!


My daughter has been attending Little Minds Montessori for 6 months and absolutely loves it! She loves attending because of the teachers, the curriculum and her new friends. So many new things have been introduced to her which allows her to grow in so many different ways. I would highly recommend this school to parents in order for their child’s development skills to grow.

Leticia Reyes

My son loves going to school. I see that he is having fun while being constantly challenged. My concerns as a mother about sending him to Little Minds was if he would receive enough attention, yet also be given the opportunity to develop confidence and individuality on his own. He comes home happy every time and that means everything to me. The staff and teachers are very hands on and always looking for ways in improving the curriculum plus involvement of the parents. I feel very confident and safe with the care my child receives.


Our family is very happy with this school. As an over protective mother, I have been apprehensive about sending my daughter to preschool. Little Minds Montessori has made me feel completely comfortable with leaving my child in their care. I am really happy with the progress that my daughter is making.