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Little Minds Montessori

Little Minds Montessori Academy provides an exuberant, nourishing, and enriching environment that caters to the individual needs of the child. As the first formal educational experience for our students, our program is designed to provide a lasting foundation of skills and positive attitudes to support a lifetime of learning.

Our curriculum awakens children’s imaginations to the limitless possibilities in life so that they are better equipped to face the future. We teach our children to be open to the dynamics of change and to grow as individuals and as a community where we draw upon each others’ unique experiences in life.

At our school, everyone is encouraged to ask questions and broaden their understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. We incorporate the values and methods of Maria Montessori and the best practices of early childhood education into our curriculum. Our classrooms are structured to address each child’s individual needs, strengths and passions.

The environment and materials are such that it enables the teacher to teach each child individually in each subject guiding the child according to his or her interests, aptitudes and needs which allows the child to work at his or her own pace to bring out the inner inherent learning capabilities.

The Montessori Method of education develops not merely intellect but the whole person, which embeds in it self attributes such as, initiative, the power of deliberation, and independent choice.


Mission Statement

Our unwavering mission is to create and ensure a safe and nurturing environment that will effectively help in the development of each child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills, in order for that child to transform into an intellectual, responsible and respected citizen of humanity.
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